Center for In Vivo Metabolism UTSW

Detailed archival information about the Symposia from previous years may be viewed by following the links under each year. Generally, the archive includes a program overview, list of speakers, an agenda, and in some cases, abstracts of presentations.

Year # Symposium Title Summary
2020 XXVII Frontiers in Brain Imaging Link
2019 XXVI The Cancer Metabolism Connection Link
2018 XXV Imaging Metabolism in Brain Disease PDF & Link
2017 XXIV Dynamic Imaging of Metabolism in Health and Disease PDF
2015 XXIII Glucose Rediscovered: New Methods to Image Carbohydrate Metabolism PDF
2014 XXII The New Frontier: Imaging Brian Injury PDF
2013 XI Frontiers in Molecular Imaging PDF
2012 XX Catalyzing Translational Imaging in PET and MR PDF
2011 XIX CEST and Spectroscopy for Cancer and Other High Impact Diseases PDF
2010 XVIII Intermediary Metabolism in Cancer PDF & Photos
2009 XVII Hyperpolarization in Biology PDF
2007 XV Frontiers in Metabolic Imaging PDF
2006 XIV New Frontiers in Metabolic Imaging PDF
2005 XIII Prospects of Biochemical Imaging: The Brain & Beyond PDF
2004 XII PPARs and Fat Metabolism in the Heart PDF
2003 XI New Concepts in Metabolic Imaging Agents: MR, PET, & Fluorescence PDF
2002 X Understanding Metabolism in the Mouse PDF
2001 IX Hepatic Gluconeogenesis PDF
2000 VIII The Liver in Systemic Disorders of Fat and Glucose Oxidation PDF
1999 VII 13C in Metabolic Research PDF
1998 VI 13C in Metabolic Research PDF
1997 V 13C in Metabolic Research PDF
1996 IV Carbon Isotopes in Metabolic Research: Mass Spectrometry, NMR, PET, and Radioisotope Methods PDF
1995 III New Directions in Biomedical MR Imaging and Spectroscopy PDF
1994 II Advanced Clinical MRI/MRS and 13C MR Spectroscopy PDF
1992 I Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: Brain and Muscle Pathophysiology PDF