Center for In Vivo Metabolism UTSW

While members of the Center contribute to a variety of different conferences each year, the meetings by the Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) are generally the most attended. Often members of the Center also attend meeting by the World Molecular Imaging Society (WMIC) or at our own international symposium here in Dallas.

Here we provide a list of accepted abstracts to the ISMRM meeting by members of the Center and of collaborating members of the AIRC.

Author # Title
Jun Chen 5401 Hyperpolarized [1-13C] alanine ethyl ester for assessment of hepatic alanine metabolism
Sergey Cheshkov 2158 Glycogen detection in human brain via natural abundance 13C MRS at 7T
Changho Choi 7075 MR spectroscopy of 2-hydroxyglutarate in patients with brainstem tumors in vivo
Alexander Funk 4112 Per-deuteration does not affect metabolic rates of hyperpolarized pyruvate in the isolated heart
Junjie Ma 6733 Simultaneous assessment of hyperpolarized [1-13C]lactate and [13C]bicarbonate with fly-back echo planar imaging
Junjie Ma 7609 Development of 1H/13C RF head coil for hyperpolarized 13C imaging of human brain
Jimin Ren 1682 Spectral Editing of NAD+/NADH in 31P NMR spectra of Human Brain
Jimin Ren 7114 Human Brain 31P NMR Spectra at 7T:  UDP-Glucose Assignment Revisited
Vivek Tiwari 1931 Glutamine Mediated Citrate Elevation- A 'Metabolic-Rearrangement' for Proliferation in High Grade Tumors: In vivo MRS Studies at 3T
Gaurav Sharma 1693 Pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase knockout restores hepatic pyruvate oxidation in STZ-induced diabetic mice as revealed by hyperpolarized 13C-MRI
Nesmine Maptue 6770 Metabolism of hyperpolarized [1-13C]pyruvate in isolated perfused kidneys
Jae Mo Park 687 Feasibility and reproducibility of imaging brain metabolism using hyperpolarized 13C pyruvate in humans
Jae Mo Park 688 Quadrature transmit and receive array 13C RF coil for clinical cardiac and hepatic imaging with hyperpolarized 13C-substrates
Jae Mo Park 689 Effect of opening the blood-brain barrier with focused ultrasound on 13C hyperpolarized imaging in rat brain
Galen Reed 1743 Protocol for multi-site quantitative evaluation of 13C radio frequency coils
Author # Title TR&D
Sergey Cheshkov 150 Towards investigating cerebral metabolism using hyperpolarized pyruvate on a human 7T system 3
Jae Mo Park 146 Hyperpolarized sodium [1-13C]glycerate as a probe for assessing gycolysis in vivo 1
Jae Mo Park 147 Rapid hepatic glycogen synthesis in humans using dynamic 13C MR spectroscopy 3
Jae Mo Park 151 Assessment of metabolic changes in traumatic brain injury using hyperpolarized [1-13C]pyruvate: a longitudinal study 3
Alexander Funk 7923 Europium 2+/3+ dual mode MRI contrast agents: combining paraCEST and T1w contrast in one oxygen-sensitive agent 1
Alexander Funk 3191 Effects of Deuteration on pyruavate metabolism in the isolated heart 3
Jian-xiong Wang 289 Highly Accelerated 3D chemical shift magnetic resonance imaging using 4D compressed sensing 3
Jimin Ren 6881 Rapid Measurement of ATP kinetics in human skeletal muscle at 7T 3
Andre Martins 4054 Low affinity zinc sensors for improved MRI detection of glucose stimulated zinc(II) secretion from pancreating beta-cells in vivo 1
Andre Martins 8725 Imaging and discrimination of extracellular lactate in vivo using CEST and paramagnetic shift agent 1
Veronica Clavijo-Jordan 8767 Detecting prostatic zinc(II) loss in a TRAMP prostate cancer model by glucose-stimulated zinc(II) secretion in vivo with MRI 1
Veronica Clavijo-Jordan 8329 Imaging beta-cell function in the mouse pancreas with an implanted imaging window by MRI 1
Veronica Clavijo-Jordan 3076 Imaging glucose-stimulated zinc secretion from the prostate and pancreas using a Mn(II) based zinc sensor 1
Kazufumi Kikuchi 903 Presaturation power adjusted (PPAP)-CEST: A method to increase the independence of target CEST signals 3
James Ratnakar 6627 A new class of pH-responsive paraCEST agents for MRI 1
Binu P Thomas 6616 Sensitivity and specificity of cerebrovascular reactiviy in predicting surgical decision in Moyamoya patients 3
Gaurav Sharma 6288 In-vivo metabolism of co-hyperpolarized [1-14C]pyruvate and [1,3-13C]acetoacetate identified cytosolic mitochondrial redox in ischemic perfused heart 3
Nesmine Maptue 6470 Esterase-cataylzed production of hyperpolarized 13C-carbon dioxide in tissues for measuring pH 3
Vivek Tiwari 3881 Glycine is an early 'biomarker' of blood bain barrier breakdown in Gliomas 3
Mette Lauritzen 5314 Metabolic interactions of simlutaneous 18F-FDG PET and hyperpolarized 13C MRI 2
Presenter Title
Todd Soesbe In vivo magnetic resonance imaging beyond the MT window using SWIFT-CEST and a Tb-based PARACEST contrast agent
Tina Jeon Comprehensive high-resolution macaque DTI atlas in in-vivo space
Virendra Mishra Changes of microstructural correlation of white matter tracts with human brain development
Hao Huang Population-averaged high resolution human fetal brain DTI atlas
Hao Huang White matter disruption of healthy maltreated adolescents
Hao Huang Structural network development of human brain during childhood
Hao Huang Microstructural evolution of white matter from macaque to human brain with in vivo DTI
Chien-Yuan Lin Imaging paraCEST Agents Using Frequency Labeled Exchange Transfer (FLEX) MRI
James Ratnakar T1 modulation of CEST in a Eu (III)-DOTA-tetraamide-bis(nitroxyl) complex
Lisa Krishnamurthy Calibration and implementation of quantitative blood oxygenation measurement at 7T
Changho Choi Measurement of glycine in gray and white matter in the human brain by 1H-MRS at 7.0 T in vivo
Changho Choi Measurement of 2-hydroxyglutarate in gliomas by optimized 1H-MRS at 3.0 T
Changho Choi Noninvasive detection of 2-hydroxyglutarate in gliomas by 1H MR spectroscopy at 7.0 T in vivo
Changho Choi Contamination-free measurement of GABA in the human brain by optimized PRESS at 7.0 T in vivo
Sandeep Ganji In vivo spectroscopic imaging of 2-hydroxyglutarate in human brain tumors at 3.0 T
Sandeep Ganji Spectroscopic Imaging of Glycine of Human Brain at 7.0 T
A. Banerjee 1H-MRS study of neurochemical profiles of human primary glioblastoma in mouse models at 9.4T
Peiying Liu Vessel-reactivity-corrected fMRI reveals novel patterns of age-related changes in brain activity
Peiying Liu An automated approach for the quantification of brain oxygen metabolism
Peiying Liu Cost-effective fMRI normalization improves differentiation between subject categories: the first clinical demonstration
Binu Thomas Cerebrovascular reactivity in the brain white matter: magnitude, temporal delays, and age effects
Feng Xu Acute and chronic effects of glucose on brain metabolism: findings from healthy subjects and diseased conditions
Deng Mao The “foot-print” of memory encoding on the brain
Kuang-Chi Tung Differential Consolidation of Motor Memory
Ivan Dimitrov In vivo human kidney pH mapping at 3T using time-interleaved parallel RF transmission CEST
Ivan Dimitrov    Assessment of Marrow Fat in Femoral Neck of Obese Volunteers using MRS at 1.5T
Ivan Dimitrov    Proton Decoupled 13C MRS of the breast at 7T
Ivan Dimitrov     Optimization of Acetyl-carnitine Detection in Human Skeletal Muscle by 7T 1H MRS
J. V. Rispoli, S. Cheshkov       A Quadrature Volume Transmit Coil for Breast Imaging and Spectroscopy at 7 Tesla
P. Liu   A turn-key solution for the quantification of brain oxygen metabolism
Presenter Title
Lisa Krishnamurthy Vessel-specific quantification of blood oxygenation with T2-Relaxation-Under-Phase-Contrast (TRU-PC) MRI
Lloyd Lumata Filterable free radical polarizing agents for dissolution DNP-NMR spectroscopy
Todd Soesbe Using T2-exchange from Dy3+DOTA-based chelates for contraxt-enhanced molecular imaging with MRI
Hao Huang Integration of functional and structural connectivity from rs-fMRI and DTI to study healthy maltreated adolescents
Hao Huang White matter microstructural alterations and their correlations to neuropsychological measures
Hao Huang Application of Multi-Tensor Tract-based Analysis (MTTA) with routine clinical diffusion MRI
Tina Jeon Coherent cortical pruning and axonal integrity enhancement during brain development accessed by DTI tractography from
Hao Huang Coupling DTI and histological analysis to examine the multiple layers of the human fetal brain cerebral wall
Virendra Mishra Exploring the human fetal brain network with diffusion MRI and graph theory
Qiaowen Yu Accelerated human cortical microstructural changes from 35 to 40 weeks of gestation characterized with DTI
Matthew Merritt Optimal-Sensitivity 13C NMR of the Isolated Mouse Heart by Combining a Cryoprobe with Hyperpolarization
Jimin Ren Robust Detection of Lactate by STEAM in Human Skeletal Muscle at 7T
Jimin Ren P-31 Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) between ATP and Phosphor-creatine (PCr) at 7T
Binu Thomas Physiologic underpinnings of negative cerebrovascular reactivity in brain ventricles
Binu Thomas Characterization of CMRO2, resting CBF, and cerebrovascular reactivity in patients with very early stage of Alzheimer’s Disease
Peiying Liu Is quantitative fMRI really better than plain BOLD in predicting cognitive function?
Deng Mao Non-invasive quantification of hepatic metabolic rate of oxygen (HMRO2) by MRI
Peiying Liu Impact of cocaine use on brain metabolism: hypoactivity, dose dependence, and relationship to cognitive ability
Harshan Rav Quantitative estimation of cerebral oxygenation in micro-vessels
Ivan Dimitrov Strategies for Clinical Implementation of a Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Acquisition using a Selective Sagittal Excitation for Higher Spatial Resolution in Magnetic Resonance Enterography
Ivan Dimitrov Perfusion Imaging of Renal Tumors at 3 Tesla using Pulsed Continuous Arterial Spin Labeling
Sergey Cheshkov Integration of 2-channel Parallel Transmission with Forced Current Excitation for Improved B1 Homogeneity in Breast Imaging at 7T
Ivan Dimitrov Apparent Diffusion Coefficients in Patients with Renal Masses: Comparison of Monoexponential and Biexponential Model
Changho Choi Enhancement of 2-hydroxyglutarate detectability by triple-refocusing difference editing at 3T in vivo
Changho Choi Citrate increases in gliomas in adult patients, as measured by 1H-MRS at 3T in vivo
Changho Choi Clinical utility of in-vivo MRS measurements of 2-hydroxyglutarate in IDH-mutated gliomas
Sandeep Ganji Separation and precise estimation of glutamate and glutamine using spectroscopic imaging in human brain at 3.0 T
Sandeep Ganji In vivo spectroscopic imaging of 2-hydroxyglutarate in human gliomas at 7.0 T
Akshay Madan Measurement of Transverse Relaxation Times in Brain Tumors
Samantha By 16-Channel Receive Array Insert for Breast Imaging at 7T
Koji Sagiyama In vivo assessment of fatty diabetic kidney by diffusion weighted and BOLD MRI in rats
Koji Sagiyama In vivo assessment of fatty diabetic lung by ultra-short TE (UTE) MRI in rats
Chalermchai Khemtong Detection of Sudden Changes in Cardiac Metabolism by Hyperpolarized 13C MRS
Presenter Title
Andrea Wiethoff Joint Reconstruction of DCE Abdominal Images
Andrea Wiethoff Towards Robust Breath-held 3D Abdominal DCE Imaging
Kumar Pichumani Chemotherapy resistant, dormant Glioblastoma cells exhibit high rates of oxidative metabolism
Samantha By Effects of Co-Planar Element Shielding on Array Performance at 7T
Joseph Rispoli Array Coil for Carbon-13 Spectroscopy at 7T
Karlos Moreno Metabolism of Hyperpolarized [1-13C]pyruvate to Plasma Glucose in the Rat Liver
Shin-Lei Peng Age-related hypermetabolism in the human brain
Daniel Costa Geometric Distortion in Diffusion-Weighted MR Imaging of the Prostate – Contributing Factors and Strategies for Improvement
Binu Thomas Tinnitus is associated with hyperactivity in the frontal lobe and reduced activity in the auditory cortex
Koji Sagiyama Evaluation of chemoresistance on human GBM by amide proton transfer (APT) imaging in mice
Koji Sagiyama In Vivo Monitoring of Liver Glycogen by Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer Imaging (GlycoCEST) in Live Mice
Masaya Takahashi Rician-noise based R2* Estimation for Severe Hepatic Iron Overload: Simulation, Phantom, and Early Clinical Experience
Diego Hernando Multi-site, multi-vendor reproducibility of R2* relaxometry on an SPIO phantom at 1.5T and 3T
Takeshi Yokoo A Proof-of-Concept Study Towards in vivo Triglyceride Composition Determination by MR Spectroscopy at 3T, with Validation Against High-Resolution NMR
Kumar Pichumani Beta Oxidation of Octanoate by Diverse Human Primary and Metastatic Brain Malignancies in an Orthotopic Transplant Model
Lisa Krishnamurthy Vessel-specific mapping of cerebral venous oxygenation of small veins
Hao Huang Abnormal WM microstructural trajectories of autistic children from 2 to 7 years of age
Hao Huang Widespread disruption of white matter myelin revealed from a relatively large scale of bipolar DTI study
Hao Huang Microstructural development of human brain cerebral cortex from early 3rd trimester to around the birth with diffusion kurtosis imaging
Hao Huang Dynamics of tract level diffusion kurtosis metrics of perinatal brain white matter from 32 to 40 gestational weeks
Hao Huang Histological Relationship with High-Resolution Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging in the Cerebral Cortex
Hao Huang A macaque brain white matter atlas based on averaged high resolution DTI
Hao Huang Exploring spatiotemporal dynamics of the cerebral blood flow of perinatal human brains with arterial spin labeling
Zheng Liu UCEPR: Ultrafast Localized CEST Spectroscopy with PRESS
Jimin Ren 31P Wideband Inversion Transfer for Measuring ATP Synthesis Rates in Human Skeletal Muscle
Jimin Ren Simultaneous Measurement of pH, Lactate and Acetyl-carnitine in Skeletal Muscle at 7T
Matthew Merritt Compartmentation in the Myocardium: On the Fate of Exogenous Versus Glycolytically Derived Pyruvate
Matthew Merritt Combination of a 13C cryoprobe with hyperpolarization allows real time observation of pyruvate carboxylation in the perfused mouse heart
Matthew Merritt Enhanced Kinetic Analysis of Hyperpolarized Pyruvate Metabolism in Cancer Cells Identifies a Compensatory Pathway Supplied by Glutamine
Changho Choi 1H MRS for in vivo detection of 2-hydroxyglutarate in brain tumors at 1.5T: A numerical simulation study
Changho Choi In vivo spectroscopic imaging of N-acetyl-aspartyl-glutamate (NAAG) in human brain at 3.0 T: Reproducibility and regional
Changho Choi Reproducibility of 2-hydroxyglutarate spectroscopic imaging in IDH-mutated glioma patients at 3.0 T in vivo
Changho Choi An in-vivo 1H MRS study of metabolic correlation in IDH1 vs. IDH2 mutated gliomas
Changho Choi In vivo spectroscopic imaging of citrate in gliomas at 3.0 T
Changho Choi Reproducibility and regional variation of metabolites in human brain, as measured by 1H MRS at 3T
Presenter Title
Matthew Merritt Observing Gluconeogenesis in Real-Time in the Zucker Rat with Hyperpolarized [2-13C]DHA
Matthew Merritt Hepatic Metabolism of Hyperpolarized [1-13C]Pyruvate in the Zucker Rat
Todd Soesbe angioCEST: using TmDOTMA liposomes and chemical exchange saturation transfer for MR angiograph
Andrea J Wiethoff A Simplified Intravoxel Incoherent Motion Model for Diffusion Weighted Imaging in Prostate Cancer Evaluation: Comparison with Monoexponential and Biexponential Models
Jian-Xiong Wang Acceleration of Chemical-Shift Imaging by Applying True 3D Compressed Sensing
Veronica Clavijo Jordan Sensitive Detection of Zinc(II) in the Prostate with a Gadolinium-Based MRI Contrast Agent
Virendra Mishra Population-averaged age-specific DTI templates of preterm human brain at 33, 36 and 39 gestational weeks
Virendra Mishra Population-averaged age-specific DTI templates of preterm human brain at 33, 36 and 39 gestational weeks
Tina Jeon Comprehensive assessment of the regional microstructure of the preterm human brain cerebral cortex using DKI and DTI
Austin Ouyang White matter structural development from mid-fetal stage to normal time of birth
Changho Choi 1H MRS Study of Metabolic Alternations in Schizophrenia at 7T
Changho Choi Glycine is a potential biomarker for malignant transformation in brain tumors
Changho Choi Reproducibility of glutamate, GABA and glycine in human brain, as measured by optimized 1H MRS at 7T
Changho Choi Longitudinal MRS imaging of 2-hydroxyglutarate in brain tumors in vivo
Changho Choi Improvement of 2-hydroxyglutarate detectability by optimized triple-refocusing at 3T in vivo
Hao Huang Cortical profile of mean kurtosis and fractional anisotropy with high resolution DKI and DTI of macaque brains
Mukundan Ragavan On the Utility of Propionate as a Probe of Myocardial Energy Metabolism Using Hyperpolarization – Effects on Anaplerotic Flux and Substrate Preference
Minhui Ouyang On the Utility of Propionate as a Probe of Myocardial Energy Metabolism Using Hyperpolarization – Effects on Anaplerotic Flux and Substrate Preference
Marco Pinho Abnormal Vasculature and Oxygenation are Mechanisms of Growth and Invasion in Human Brain Tumors
Chalermchai Khemtong Effect of Epinephrine on Metabolism of HP [1-13C]pyruvate in Low-flow Myocardial Ischemia
Binu Thomas Characterization of Vascular Response in White Matter to Hypercapnia and Hyperoxia
Ding Mao Three-dimensional mapping of brain venous oxygenation using T2-oximetry
Presenter Title
Changhoi Choi 2HG Optimized PRESS MRS for Metabolic Profiling of IDH-mutant Gliomas in Patient-Derived Orthotropic Mouse Model of Human Brain Tumor
Changhoi Choi Translation of 2-hydroxyglutarate MR spectroscopy into clinics
Changhoi Choi Improvement of 2-hydroxyglutarate detectability using optimized triple-refocusing difference editing at 7T in vivo
Changhoi Choi Novel Triple-refocusing H MRS at 3T for detection of GABA in human brain in vivo
Changhoi Choi 1H Echo Planar Spectroscopic Imaging of 2-hydroxyglutarate in Gliomas at 7T in vivo
Changhoi Choi Multi-Center and Multi-Vendor Study of Long-TE 1H MRS at 3T for Detection of 2-Hydroxyglutarate in Brain Tumors In Vivo
Masaya Takahashi Monitoring therapeutic response on medullary thyroid carcinoma in chemotherapy by amide proton transfer (APT) imaging in an orthotopic mouse model
Masaya Takahashi Monitoring therapeutic response in anatomy and functions on pulmonary fibrosis by ultra-short echo time (UTE) MRI in an orthotopic mouse model
Ivan E Dimitrov Subtractionless MR Angiography of the Neck Using Dixon-base MRI
Ivan E Dimitrov "Multi-parametric MRI Characterization of a Polymer Gel Dosimetry Phantom for Non-Invasive 3D Visualization of Radiation Deposition in Gamma-Knife Therapy"
A. Dean Sherry A zinc-sensitive MRI contrast agent differentiates healthy from cancerous prostate in a transgenic prostate cancer model
Andrea J. Wiethoff Quantitative DCE and DWI Characterizaton of the Index Lesion in Multiparametric MRI of Prostact Cander Patients
Presenter Title
Binu Thomas One-year aerobic exercise increases regional cerebral blood flow in anterior cingulate cortex: a blinded, randomized trial in patients with amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment
Shanrong Zhang 3D-CEST Imaging off a Mouse Model of Polycystic Kidney Disease
Eul Hyun Suh Imaging branched-chain amino acid metabolism in glioma using hyperpolarized [1-13C] alphaketoisocaproate
Vivek Tiwari In-Vivo Regional detection of Gly in Human Brain: Implications in Glioma Patients at 3T
Vivek Tiwari Detection of 2-Hydroxyglutarate in IDH-Mutant Gliomas using TE-Averaged PRESS at 3T
Zhongxu An In Vivo 3D Metabolic Correlation Mapping using 1H Echo Planar Spectroscopic Imaging in IDH mutant Gliomas at 3T
Zhongxu An Improved Triple-refocusing 1H MRS at 3T for detection of GABA and Glutamate in human brain in vivo
Gaurav Sharma Metabolism of Hyperpolarized Pyruvate detects Knockout of Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Kinase
Alexander Funk The Impact of Kinetic Isotope Effects in using Deuterated-Glucose for Metabolic Experiments
Sergey Cheshkov Protocol for investigating in vivo Glucose Metabolism in Human Breast Cancer by 13C MRS at 7T
Veronica Clavijo Jordan Development of a Noninvasive Beta Cell Functional Assay Using a Novel Zinc-Sensitive MRI Contrast Agent in Non-Human Primates
Jimen Ren 31P MR Spectroscopic Imaging of the Human Brain at 7T
Masaya Takahashi An assessment of interdependent chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) signals from metabolites with overlapping chemical shift frequencies and proton exchange rates
Masaya Takahashi An assessment of Intravoxel Incoherent Motion (IVIM) imaging in Detection of Acute Kidney Injury in Rodents