Center for In Vivo Metabolism UTSW

tcaWEB is an online tool that allows the user to select a 13C isotopomer patterns of glucose or pyruvate and see the labelling results for major downstream metabolites:

  • tcaWEB_Glucose allows the effects of 13C labels of glucose through glycolysis to pyruvate and even into the TCA cycle.
  • tcaWEB_Pyruvate allows direct labelling of pyruvate and gives further options to activate or deactivate PDH or PC pathways into the TCA cycle.
Both version currently only support turn 1 of the TCA cycle, but more might be added in the future. Currently not optimized on a mobile devices.

Release Notes

Date Version Comments
03/22/2019 2.1 Minor UI fixes.
03/07/2019 2.0 Introduced pyruvate as starting metabolite with buttons to enable PC and PDH pathways. Split into tcaWEB_Glucose & tcaWEB_Pyruvate for easier future development.
12/17/2018 1.3 Added additional TCA metabolites as output (turn 1 only).
12/13/2018 1.2 Major update of background graphics perfomance and button redesign.
12/10/2018 1.1 Added CO2 output from PDH.
12/05/2018 1.0.1 Fixed label identifiers for Acetyl-CoA.
11/27/2018 1.0 First stable release. Basic functionality working and simple GUI present.

For any feedback, bugs or problems with you are experiences with tcaWEB please contact Alexander Funk.