Center for In Vivo Metabolism UTSW

The National Center for In-Vivo Metabolism is pleased to share some of its tools and resources with site visitors. The center has a long history of software development starting in 1989 with tcaCALC and tcaSIM, back then in MS-DOS. The original MS-DOS versions of tcaCALC and tcaSIM have been in use until only recently, and are still available for distribution as tcaLEGACY. However, on modern computers it requires a few extra steps to function properly.

The Center is actively developing a modernized version of tcaCALC and tcaSIM using self-executable MATLAB scripts. No MATLAB installation is required, and both program are available for download.

In addition to the tcaCALC & tcaSIM software package the centers offers a 13C NMR chemical shift reference sheet for all metabolites and also an overview of the Publications and Citations of the center.